Ready to Design Your Own Custom Home? Design Checklist

Considering a new custom home? Planning to tackle the project on your own? We created a handy checklist to help you determine if you’re prepared for the challenge. Consider the following questions:


❑ Do I know exactly what my family needs and wants and will I be able to translate those requirements into an affordable, efficient and realistic design?

❑ Am I fully aware of the opportunities and restrictions of my property?

❑ Will I know all of the relevant municipal (e.g., zoning, codes, bylaws) and provincial legislation that applies to my project and can I produce the detailed drawings/documents required for the permit application?

❑ Do I have detailed knowledge of the process I need to follow to design and build my home and the time and resources to manage the project?

❑ Can I calculate a realistic cost estimate and know the budget I have will be sufficient to cover all project costs? Do I have everything I need to secure the financing?

If you prefer to engage a professional with over 30 years of experience to demystify the complexities and guide you through the architectural design process, we welcome the opportunity to chat about our services and your vision for your new home. Contact us today.